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Alberto Arroyo
24 years old
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Angel V Vega
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Arnaldo mendez
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Cristina MG
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Defender Powerboats Inc. has re-introduced the Miami Beach "Thunderboat Row" 1980's classic, 21' Scout; designed by World Powerboat Champion & friend Bob Saccenti. The 21 Scout was originally manufactured by Mr. Saccenti at his Apache Performance Boat Company in Miami. Over time the molds found their way to Georgia where they were acquired by the Defender Powerboat Company and brought back to Florida where they are built today.


21 Scout Specifications:

LOA - 21'

Beam - 7' 11"

Deadrise V - 21 degrees

Fuel Capacity - 56 Gallons

Weight (Approx.)

1,245 lbs (Sport)

1,115 lbs (Race)

Recommended HP - 250 HP

Seating - 5

5 Year Hull Warranty


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Ismael Sanchez
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Luis Carrillo
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Love water sports and photography

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tony hernandez
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Aristides Granda
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Homeboy Photography
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Im from the Virgin Islands and i love Boats.

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48 years old
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Hola me llamo Ivan, ahora vivo en WA, siempre he sido un fiebru malo de Offshore racing. Gracias a Dios me pude comprar un bote (Motion 25) bastante rapido aca donde vivo.

Por aca no hay carreras de offshore pero hay como un club de botes offshore. durante el verano nos reunimos a menudo y hacemos "fun runs" y Poker runs, eso es lo mas cercano a una carrera, realmente es como una carrera. Voy a postear algunas fotos y videos de los botes de mis panas y del mio.

saludos a todos

Safety First


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